It's Cold Outside - Yardware
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It’s Cold Outside

Ok I have to be honest, I been staring out the window at the backyard and, it’s just too damn cold to go outside!

And if you’re anything like me you’ve been avoiding going outside in this utterly freezing weather.

But you know, it’s times like these when everything is so quiet that we should really be getting on top of things.

“Christmas is only five months away” and I like most of us haven’t even started to think about our new backyard.

I know, I know I can hear you say, “What is she on about ? It’s only July!”

But don’t be fooled ………

The minute we start to smell ‘Spring in the Air’ (and start to come out of hibernation) is usually the time EVERYONE starts to think about attacking their backyards and before you know it the builder is fully booked up and your fabulous paved area is going to be delayed by three months, not to mention the maintenance man.

Well, he will already be so busy he won’t even have time to return your calls!

And every time you enquire about new products for your backyard you will hear the same old response, “Its going to take four months for delivery”.

This is almost becoming the norm !

However we have our Manufacturing boys at Alexandria in ‘Full Steam Mode’ to try to combat this and cut down the lead times.

But they are only human!

All I can say is don’t worry about the cold weather, put your jackets on and head outside !

It’s going to be warm and you will be entertaining family and friends before you know it.

So start planing now!