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Outdoor Rugs

Cosy Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rug Collection – Elegant and stunning

To improve the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living areas, we have an outdoor rug collection that will certainly impress. Our rugs are manufactured in Belgium, Flemish textile is world-renowned. This is a label we carry with pride. made from premium quality, durable fabrics. Every item has been UV protected to maintain those colours will keep their beautiful appearance.

There are many reasons why purchasing an outdoor rug is becoming popular among discerning homeowners.

Comfort – to fully enjoy your outdoor living area you will use it throughout the year to entertain and to relax. A sturdy and weather-resistant outdoor rug is a sensible choice for a comfortable surface to recline on, or for children to play on. It will be a barrier against cold and damp in the cooler months, or in the evenings during summer.

Dry quick – all rugs are permeable, dew or rain pass through, no puddles, no algae, no moss.

Stylish – a well-designed outdoor area looks more complete with the addition of an elegant outdoor rug. Just like your indoor living areas, the floor coverings you choose will make an attractive statement. Their tonal and textural qualities are designed to match the outdoor light and shade movements.

Easy to Clean – the outdoor rugs that we supply are chosen for their low maintenance qualities. They can be easily cleaned using a hose, yes just a hose or simply a quick vacuum. As they are designed for use in outdoor areas, they are sturdy to resist extreme sun, wind and rain.

Protects heavy foot traffic areas – let’s face it, an outdoor living area is one where you don’t need to worry about taking off your shoes. However, you also don’t want to damage the underlying flooring surface. Having a rug beneath your sitting areas will protect the underlying area from unnecessary wear and tear.

Brings the inside outside – when you are looking from your inside living areas to the outdoors, having a well-designed and beautiful outdoor rug links your garden areas as in a way the coverings complement the way the plants and filtered light play on the outdoor flooring surface.

If you are seeking some truly unique outdoor rugs, you will find that we offer things that no other supplier does. This is because as a family owned business, we also have a production factory in Asia, so we are totally in charge of every aspect from design, production and distribution. This is why we are able to offer the public really unique designs and fabrics for our outdoor rug collection.

As you can see from our gallery of beautiful designs, the outdoor rugs in our collection are manufactured in natural and neutral colour tones. They also incorporate lovely textures that enhance the effect of trees and grasses in the dappled light moving in the wind. These features blend perfectly with your outdoor stone furniture or paving surface.

At Yardware you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our consultants and stylists will help you in selecting the most appropriate rug to complement your lifestyle, your decor and your other outdoor furniture pieces. Whether you want one rug or several, we will look after you.

Contact us today, if you’re looking for high-quality outdoor rugs for your home.

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