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Tables and Chairs

Stylish Stone Dining Tables And Chairs

Yardware is proud to offer the largest variety of stone dining chairs and tables in Australia and each one is timeless, stylish and immune to the effects of weather. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor areas. Stone dining chairs are a perfect blend of modern style with eternal durability of stone.  Our Australian made stone dining chairs are purpose built with form and function in mind. They will suit all kinds of tables.


Stone Dining Tables and Chairs that can be used indoor/outdoor and are available in many shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s requirements. All items can be purchased individually, or we have packaged settings and pass these on with a 25% discount. Our Packages are named after the bases: Hydra, Amalfi, Acanthus and Positano.


Yardware has a wide range, from classic to contemporary, from a bistro setting to a 12-seater table. So, let your imagination run riot, pick your Tablebases in either stone or metal, then a top, either square, round or rectangular, stone or glass, choose a side or an armchair and then you have your personalised package.


Stone dining chairs are reminiscent of an Italian vineyard. They are highly durable and match perfectly with dining chairs made of various materials such as glass, stone, metal etc. Stone dining tables are sturdy yet provide a very comfortable sitting experience. The stone dining tables and chairs exclusively from Yardware are unique as we are the designers and manufacturers. You will be impressed with the statement they make, their charm and their 25


Yardware is proud of our exclusive and magnificent stone dining tables and table settings. Our stone dining range includes traditional stone tables and chairs with modern settings. Speak to us about customising your stone table settings for indoor or outdoor use as certain finishes may be more appropriate for internal rather than external use. Some of the stone that you can choose includes pure marble or sandstone depending on your desired look and budget. Nothing beats an outdoor setting made from natural stone, as its tones and texture are timeless and attractive. Stone surfaces work well with wood, metal and complement outdoor areas where the play of light on it makes it very attractive and soothing. You can be as creative or conventional as you want as we can customise what you’d like. Give your house the feeling of an Italian villa with our premium range of stone dining tables and chairs.


All our metal items are galvanised for Australian conditions. We have three hand-painted finishes, Natural, Matt Black and Ancient Rust and carry the paint for touch ups.

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