Outdoor Galvanised Metal Occasional Dining Base, Chairs, Side Coffee Table, Ottoman And Sofa
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Metal Collection

Outdoor Galvanised Metal Dining Base, Ottoman, Chairs, Sofa & Tables

Metal Outdoor dining collection –

Yardware designs and manufactures a great array of metal outdoor furniture including outdoor galvanised metal dining bases, sofas, tables, outdoor galvanised metal dining chairs and metal stools. Metal furniture has been popular for outdoor settings for decades, however, Yardware understands that metal often means rust, which is not only unsightly, but can also stain surrounding fittings and flooring. Our outdoor galvanised metal occasional chairs and sofa and other pieces eliminates the problem that iron furniture has. Whether you want to bring the outside indoors, our metal range is versatile in either setting.

Galvanised metal furniture is a sensible choice as it is durable and affordable. The protective layer of zinc on outdoor galvanised metal furniture will protect your furniture from weathering. Once the domain of outdoor furniture only, metal-based indoor furniture is gaining popularity. We are happy to showcase our outdoor galvanised metal furniture and how it can also be used internally.

Some of the selling points of this type of furniture include:

Low Maintenance & easy to clean – as peoples’ lives are increasingly busy, we are all looking for low maintenance options. Yardware’s outdoor galvanised metal dining base and chairs are extremely low maintenance. The zinc outer layer prevents the buildup of grime and rust. This means that a quick hose down is enough to remove surface dust. Unlike other metal products that demand regular cleaning and washing, Yardware’s galvanised metal coffee tables, side tables & metal ottoman collections can be cleaned with a single wipe with a dry cloth or quick hose.

Versatile – as they are designed for outdoor use, you can easily move them inside or outside depending on the occasion. You don’t need to worry if they get wet.

Durable – All our steel products have a hand-painted finish and we carry the paint to enable touch-ups. The foundation of these pieces is metal which ensures a long and hard-wearing life. They will be impervious to scratches or dents from falling. Our outdoor galvanised metal dining bases and chairs make life relaxing as you can allow your children to use the tables and chairs without worrying about accidental damage.

Yardware’s metal collection is exclusively designed and manufactured to our exacting standards. Each piece is fully compliant with all Australian standards and quality checked before dispatch. Check us out online and get in touch. We can supply to any state or territory and even some overseas locations.

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