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Outdoor Stone Tables & Chairs

Luxurious Outdoor Stone Furniture – Tables & Chairs

Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs

Alfresco dining has become increasingly popular all over Australia as people are more confident to entertain at home rather than go out. Home designs have helped this as many homes now have a dedicated alfresco area which is protected from the elements. In winter, people often have gas burners or braziers to keep warm. Due to Australia’s multicultural population, people from other lands have brought traditions of outdoor cooking. This trend has contributed to the interest in finding outdoor stone tables and benches suppliers.

Accordingly, a homeowner may choose to purchase a sturdy and well-made stone table and outdoor furniture to showcase the outdoor living area. Alexandria’s No. 1 outdoor stone table and chair suppliers are here, and we supply to customers all over Australia and beyond. Yardware has an exclusive range of outdoor stone tables and benches and although we are suppliers who are located in Alexandria, we take the headaches out of online furniture shopping as we can organise domestic and overseas shipping.

Stone tables and outdoor furniture are popular choices for customers who want to make a statement about elegance and classic timelessness. The stone furniture that we supply has been designed and manufactured by us and therefore you won’t find anything that compares to it. Having comfortable and well-designed outdoor furniture allows for many families to get togethers that will live on in memories for years to come. One of the best features of an outdoor stone dining table or furniture is its durability.

Some of the reasons why Yardware is a leading supplier of stone tables and benches:

Independent – As a local supplier, we feed the design elements that we know will be popular with customers through to our manufacturers and we arrive at pieces that suit the contemporary looks, while maintaining a timeless feel which working with stone provides. We control the manufacturing process so we are not affected by systemic problems that can occur when buying goods from other suppliers.

Superb workmanship – Our stonemasons are superb artisans who take pride in the work they do. Each piece is unique and designed according to our specifications so you will not find anything like it anywhere else. Each outdoor stone table and bench that Yardware supplies undergoes rigorous quality control.

Sturdy – Our stone furniture is built to last. Stone is the perfect material for outdoor furniture as it is resistant to extremes of weather. Water and sun cannot damage stone furniture, so it is a sure choice for durability. You do not need to maintain it and it can take being knocked about by children and pets.

Timeless styling – as a natural material stone works in every setting. The neutral tones blend with any background and outdoor stone furniture can be used as a feature piece even with other contemporary pieces. The beauty of tone is that it even improves with age as weathering makes it look even more dignified.

Yardware products are popular among Alexandria’s local community as well as beyond. We have supplied outdoor stone furniture, chairs and benches for 22 years in a wide array of settings and styles to very happy clients who give us the best referrals via word of mouth.

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