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Stone Table Top Edges

Stone Table Top Edges – Royal Look Stone Top Dining Tables

Tabletop Edge Options

Once you have selected the size type of stone top dining table, finish, shape, and size, of your tabletop, you will need to round off your design with one of our table edge options.

At Yardware our staff will be able to guide you in selecting an edge detail that fully compliments one of our table bases, or you may want to design your own unique match. We have a range of different premium edges; all have their own intricate detailing.

Hydra Edge – Flat and at right angles to the top.

Venetian Edge – Bullnose with top step- this edge is a classic, very elegant and always in trend

Domus – straight edge 50 mm

Como – a simple rounded edge of 45mm

Viva – a simple round edge of 55mm

Lido – a simple round edge of 35 – 40mm

Omega – a notched edge like a washboard.

Tabletop Shapes

At Yardware we have a range of different shape tabletops.

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Circle

Shop for a modern and contemporary white stone top dining table to match your style and budget. You can choose from Venetian, Hydra, Lido dining table top available in white and many other elegant colors.

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