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Wall Art & Mirrors

Decorative Outdoor Garden Wall Art & Mirrors

A garden is one of the greatest attractions in any home as it frames the house within a wonderful setting. If beauty and aesthetics are important to you then our outdoor garden wall art will improve the overall look and theme of your garden. We have objects such as friezes, mirrors and plaques which will bring together the stylistic elements of your garden with your home design. When selecting the right outdoor garden wall art for your situation, you must be confident in the overall design elements that you are portraying. Your wall art must blend seamlessly and add value, and not detract from the overall style.  Yardware has a large collection of Wall Art and Mirrors. They are easy to install and can uplift a bland spot. Yardware’s product is weather-resistant so inside or out we have your wall decor solved.


What sets us apart in the industry is that we not only supply outdoor garden wall art, but we work with designers to bring unique products to the market. We stand out from the competition as we do not rely on external suppliers. We have our own manufacturing arm so that it is our designs, responsive to the needs of the local market that we offer.


Choose from the Asthideus wall plaque, Egyptian Horse Man wall plaque, Elenora Wall Plaque left or right facing, Nike wall Plaque, Salvadore Wall Plaque in our range of colours from Fossil, Ancient Rust, French Lime, Fossil, Steel Grey, Tuscan, and Combo. The plaques on offer have been chosen as decorative but elegant outdoor garden wall art to provide a focal point to unite the colours and design elements in your garden.  They complement the soft features of leaves, flowers and grasses and act as a natural transition back into the home.


Yardware’s GRC mirrors are the Cargo Mirror, either Round or Rectangular, Concave Mirror, Corinth Mirror, Curzon Mirror, Toki Mirror, and the Toulouse Mirror with or without the mirror all in the Yardware range of colours from Fossil, Ancient Rust, french Lime Aged, Steel Grey, Tuscan, and Combo. Mirrors are not only beautiful, but they perform a magical function in garden design. Although they are a type of outdoor garden wall art, Yardware encourages intelligence placement within your garden design.  If you place them well, you can use the reflections that they carry into another section of the garden, so take care and ask for some advice in regards to inspiration for where to optimally place them. We can help you to select an elegant style that compliments your home and enhances the overall visual appeal. Gardening enthusiasts will be drawn to the unique styles available in our outdoor garden wall art collection.


Yardware’s Galvanised Metal collection is the Bergdorf and Georgian mirrors which can be customised to any size you require and are available in Natural, Matt Black and Antique Rust.

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