Designer Stone Garden Water Features for Sale Sydney
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Water Features

Designer Garden Stone Water Features for Sale

Water Features – Perfect for any outdoor setting

An established home just feels more homely when you add features that are not merely practical but also add a spiritual dimension. This is the reason that people feel so comforted surrounded by beautiful gardens. Walking around or even viewing serene spaces around your home does improve the peace of mind of those that live or visit there. Thoughtfully chosen stone water features provide two main benefits. Firstly, the visual aspect of water is always soothing, and secondly, the vibrations associated with the sound of gently tumbling water is also very relaxing. The light shining off the water throughout the day can also be enhanced at nighttime when the moon or fairy lights bounce off it.

If you are ready to take your outdoor garden haven to the next level, adding designer water features will increase the experience of serenity due to the soothing sound and freshness of water on your senses. Some people particularly like to install a water feature outside the bedrooms as the gentle sound of moving water is a way of blocking out industrial and traffic sounds when you are sleeping. People always sleep better when soothed by the sound of moving water.

Yardware has a lovely collection of stone water features that are uniquely our own designs and manufactured in house by craftsmen who take pride in their work. We have designer water features that come in a wide range of sizes and materials. We are proud to showcase them in our gallery section and we invite you to take a look and contact us with any query you may have.

As you can see, the range of options is very diverse in terms of stylistic features. Our designer water features come in a range of types including freestanding, troughs or those mounted against a wall. We have traditional and antique looking stone water features such as lions heads, urns and fish spouts, as well as contemporary minimalist, geometric designs. We have any style that suits your home’s garden and decor. We draw design ideas from many different cultural themes from Asia as well as Europe, in modern as well as vintage themes.

Our range of designer water features works well in the front or rear garden areas, depending on the size and aspect of the garden space. Water features are a terrific way of creating the illusion of space in a small courtyard. We can assist in helping you decide on placement and type of feature for the area you have.

Yardware is committed to eco-friendly products and our water features are designed to run on low-volt electricity. We are able to supply you with low voltage pumps. Most of our products are easy to install, but if you would prefer, we can organise to do the installation. If you can’t find a particular style from our range of stone water features that are just right for you, please contact us as we are able to organise customised designs for a perfect fit for your home.

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