Freestanding Ball Water Features | Stone Garden Waterfall Fountains Sydney
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Elegant Freestanding Stone Water Features

Yardware is proud of our freestanding water features which have been manufactured in house by artisans and stonemasons according to our designs and specifications. We are confident that you will be as excited as we are with our extensive and attractive collection on offer.


A well-chosen water feature makes your home or office more attractive and it will create a calming and serene presence that can restore peace of mind. Although the sound of tumbling water is relaxing, also the play of light and the way it reflects against other surfaces is also a reason that installing water features has become so popular.


At Yardware you can find freestanding water features in various sizes, styles, manufactured from a variety of materials. You will be able to find one that suits your particular setting as there is a diverse range of styles and themes to match your home, garden or commercial space. Installing a water feature in a garden area or at the entrance of a commercial space creates a great first impression.  Our exclusive designs are created by artisans who manufacture our products in house. Each piece is unique and you won’t find them and they will enhance the look and ambience of your outdoor areas.


Yardware’s free-standing Water Features can be quickly installed as a DIY project. From small to large Water Features, we have it covered, with a choice of low voltage or 240-volt pumps that are supplied with an adjuster valve to control the flow of water. Yardware can design, set up and install if required. We can also customise freestanding water features for your property so that it will match the dimensions and style perfectly. We are dedicated to your satisfaction as maintaining our reputation as a leading player in this market depends on it.


We will help you to create a setting in your outdoor area to perfectly showcase your freestanding water features. Check out our collection today!

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