Wall Mounted Water Features | Small Stone Water Fountains
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Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Stone Water Features

Adding wall-mounted water features will enhance your outdoor area as they provide a serene space which help you to recharge at the end of the day or week. Well-chosen wall mounted water features bring you closer to nature. An attractive wall-mounted water feature can be the centre point of your house which will make a lasting impression on visitors. 


In addition to the unique beauty of wall mounted water features, another benefit is the sound of flowing water that you can even hear inside. Running water is very soothing and it is a perfect way to muffle the sounds of traffic or noisy neighbours. You can create your own refuge away from the hustle and bustle by hearing the gentle flow of water from wall mounted water features. 


Yardware supplies a great range of wall-mounted water features suitable for either your  backyard or entrance areas.  We design and manufacture wall mounted water features of a very high quality in our own factory. We ensure high levels of quality control and each product that leaves us is fully checked.  Our extensive range of wall-mounted water features include stone water features, glass water features, copper water features, stainless steel water features and many others. They are not just functional, but each piece is a beautiful work of art. 


Wall-mounted water features from Yardware are easy to install and maintain. All you need is an exterior powerpoint, a masonry wall, an installed mounting hook and hang your fountain, adding water and turning on the pump. We can supply low voltage pumps with a transformer or 240 volts if preferred.


Add a touch of grandeur to your outdoor areas by adding unique wall mounted water features from Yardware. They are perfect for residential as well as commercial spaces. You and your family will enjoy the constant flow of water as your stress melts away. Create your oasis and enhance your living with these exceptional and creative walls mounted water features only from Yardware.

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