Product Care & Maintenance

With proper care and regular cleaning, Yardware products will last a lifetime. Here’s how to clean and maintain them.

  • Protecting moulded stone table tops
  • Cleaning moulded stone products
  • Tips on caring for moulded stone products
  • Cleaning metal furniture
  • Cleaning outdoor cushions
Protecting moulded stone table tops
  • Seal the surface
    Moulded stone is naturally porous, like all other forms of stone. Protect your stone table top from food stains and water absorption with a quality, stone furniture sealant. The sealant is applied with a soft sponge, worked into the table surface, then wiped dry. (See product code AQ143DE for Aqua-Seal Gold +.)
  • How often
    Tables exposed to the elements should be resealed approximately every 6 months. Tables under cover can be resealed every 12 months.
  • Extra protection
    For dining tables used on a frequent basis, a food-safe, finishing wax can also be applied over the sealant.
Cleaning moulded stone products
  • Sweep & wipe
    Clean your moulded stone table and other GRC garden items by regularly sweeping away loose dirt and other residues. Then wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid detergents and cloths with dyes whose colours may run.
  • Blot don’t wipe
    Clean up food or wine spills promptly by blotting with a paper towel or damp cloth rather than wiping.
  • Avoid
    Do not use high-pressure water hoses, abrasive pads or cleaning chemicals, most especially acid based solutions and bleach.
Tips on caring for moulded stone products
  • Placemats & trivets
    Treat your outdoor stone table as you would your indoor dining table. Have coasters on hand to guard against water marks, etch marks and scratches. Put placemats under oil jugs and extremely hot dishes as they may discolour, not the stone but, the sealant. And use trivets under plant pots or any object that may sit on the table long term and cause moisture to gather underneath.
  • Dancing, dragging & cutting
    For your own safety, as well as that of the table, it is wise not to dance on the table top. Also, avoid dragging rough objects across the surface, or using the table top as a cutting board.
  • Heavy impacts
    Avoid striking the edges or corners of your table top or base, fountain or pond with hard objects, such as lawn mowers. GRC is tough, but has the same impact limits as natural stone.
  • Gentle aging
    Moulded stone furniture and garden features age gracefully over the years. As with natural stone, minerals in the moulded stone react with elements in the environment, causing a subtle patina to develop on the surface. Some people take steps to accelerate this attractive aging process as it imbues the object with a rich character.
Cleaning metal furniture
  • Hose or wipe
    The zinc layer on hand-forged metal table bases and chairs not only prevents rust from developing, it also impedes the build-up of grime. Metal table bases and chairs can be cleaned with a quick hose down, or by wiping with a damp cloth. No cleaning agents are required.
  • Colour touch up
    The hand-painted finish on Yardware’s galvanised furniture is scratch and dent resistant. However, very high impact accidents may damage the colour coating. Should this occur, Yardware can supply touch up paint in the colour required.
Cleaning outdoor cushions
  • Minimal care
    Yardware’s cushions are stain resistant, UV and fade resistant, as well as mould and mildew resistant. This means they can be safely left outside indefinitely. However, should they not be required for a month or more, storing them under cover will minimise the need to clean.
  • Vacuum cleaning
    Vacuum cushions regularly to prevent dust and pollen from accumulating in the cushion’s fabric.
  • Hose or wipe
    Hose lightly or wipe with mild soap and water for intermittent cleaning to remove bird droppings or everyday messes. Rinse well after soaping and stand upright on the zipper end to dry.