24th May 2022

Make a Splash Outside the Pool

Your pool, and the area around it, is an extension of your home. And a little splashing out can make it one of your home’s most inviting spaces.

Poolside décor

Every room is a space with purpose and character, and the area around a pool is no exception. With ingenuity, and a few selective décor items, it can exude character too. And poolside, being such an expansive area, gives you licence to really splash out.

Swimming pools, for the most part, are large and linear in shape. This makes them rather like stage sets, and when it comes to setting the stage, something showy and generous is required. For ultimate impact, nothing beats a single, eye-catching focal piece. Such as a lofty urn, standing sentinel at the water’s edge, its elegant double quivering in reflection on the surface.

Poolside relaxation

Swimming is not the only enjoyment on offer from your pool. The area around it is a catchment for sunshine and playful breezes, and no one wants such valuable commodities going to waste. In fact, every swimming pool worth its salt deserves a long, comfy sun lounge somewhere in the vicinity. Or a well-cushioned, outdoor chair with matching ottoman for raising the feet.

Better still is a collection of outdoor leisure furniture – a chair or two, a chaise, and a handy side table within easy reach. You’ll set the ambience of your poolside area with the style and function of the furniture pieces you choose. Beyond that, something as simple as the colour of the cushions will stamp this outdoor area with its own distinct character. For example, black for sophistication; blue and white for a coastal theme.

Poolside dining

Dining out of doors is, of course, one of life’s most endearing pleasures. And dining by the pool is even more magical, having as its accompaniment the soft lap of water against the tiles. Not to mention the glint of sunlight off water, or at night the reflection of the stars.

In this most relaxed of spaces, comfort and largesse is key. Cushioned chairs around a generous table is called for. Everything open to the elements and in harmony. Poolside becomes a special place for savouring the good things you have.

Enjoy your pool to the full by making it a room to relax in, with or without taking a swim.

Foreground Image Credit: © Yardware

Background Image Credit: 116267319 © Publicdomainphotos | Dreamstime.com