Lindos Fountain Large

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ANCIENT WINE COOLER – The Lindos Fountain is styled after the psykter or wine coolers of ancient Greece. These specially designed vessels had a narrow lip, a bulbous body, and often stood on a high, narrow foot. They were filled with wine, then placed in a bowl of cold water to keep the wine nicely chilled. With the Lindos Fountain, the tall foot has been discarded and the eye-catching, bulbous shape sits on a low base in a reservoir pond. With a thin sheet of water sluicing down its sides, the Lindos makes a beautifully quiet and intriguing fountain.

Dimensions: 870 Diam x 1160 H
Weight: 43 Kgs approx.
Recommended pump: Low Voltage 2400 Litres/hour.
Recommended pond base: Gardenia Pond Mod E 900x900.
Also available as Lindos Fountain Small.

  • No plumbing required as water recirculates continually from pond base.
  • Pump connects to a standard electrical wall socket.
  • Fountain is moulded from Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC).
  • With proper care, designed to give many years of service and enjoyment.
  • As all items are individually crafted, weights may vary.

A fountain or water feature puts the finishing touch on a garden, usually becoming its most admired and predominant feature. The type of fountain you choose, including its colour, often sets the tone for the whole outdoor space.

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